Complications - Appendectomy, laparoscopic - general and visceral surgery

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  • Intraoperative complications

    • Injury to other bowel segments
      In case of clear focus no further exploration.
    • Vascular injury
      Avoid “yanking” at the mesentery.
    • Trocar position injuries
      Place trocars under view, minilaparotomy
    • Thermal bowel or skin injuries
      Bipolar coagulation is safer.
    • Ureteral injury in adherent retrocecal appendix
  • Postoperative complications

    • Secondary healing
      Open wound, lavage and dress “wet” twice daily.
    • Intraabdominal abscess
      Requires revision surgery or percutaneous drainage.
    • Postoperative ileus
      Paralytic: Medical ileus protocol.
      Mechanical (adhesive band): Revision surgery.
    • Stump rupture
      Reexplore and suture, if not possible, tangential resection of the cecum or ileocecal resection, depending on the findings.
    • Secondary bleeding from appendicular artery
      Revision surgery.
    • Cutaneous emphysema
      Usually spontaneous absorption by the body.
    • Postlaparoscopic shoulder pain syndrome
      Symptomatic treatment.