The concept 

Standard textbooks cannot integrate text and illustrations with the real-life setting during operations. Prof. Markus Maria Heiss, MD, PhD and Carolina Pape-Köhler, MD from Cologne, Germany, founding members of the webop team, had the vision and drive to remedy that situation by providing this practical knowledge about surgical operations as an online reference as well as eBook.

The “webop concept”, a novel, intuitive and constantly updated online reference on surgical operations, was created and developed at the Department of Surgery at Witten/Herdecke University, Germany.


Webop was developed by surgeons for surgeons. It is ideal for healthcare professionals, medical students, young residents and those facing board certification to update and broaden their surgical knowledge.


At the heart of this online reference are video clips demonstrating the various operations. These clips visualize the critical steps of the procedure, and together with the text constitute a didactic unit. Presenting complex operations in a multimedia setting optimizes successful learning. Also covered is all essential information about the surgical procedure.


Unlike in standard textbooks, the steady stream of new contributions by the editors and user interaction will always keep this website up-to-date.

Well respected

A growing team of well respected author surgeons contribute to their specialties on webop and ensure a high level of scientific expertise.


The leading multimedia surgical video reference is visited by 20,000 users each month. Thus, it is also the perfect professional platform to present products and services and promote their profile.