Anatomy - Endo-SPONGE® endoluminal vacuum therapy in lower GI tract staple line failure - general and visceral surgery

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  • Introduction

    Management of presacral wound cavities in staple/suture line failure (anastomotic leakage) following deep rectal resection is a challenge, if a permanent stoma is to be avoided.
    With the increase in sphincter-preserving rectal resections, this problem is becoming more prevalent. Clinically manifest staple line failure is observed in up to 15% of cases after anterior rectal resection. It is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality after this procedure.
    Minimally invasive Endo-SPONGE® treatment is one option of managing presacral wound cavities after staple line failure.
    With its pressure reversal, this endocavitary or endoluminal vacuum principle can revolutionize the management of staple line failure by draining the focus of infection to the outside. In addition, vacuum therapy has positive effects on wound healing.

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