Contact persons

Simone Heiss
CEO and Project Management

Tel.: +49 (221) 6 77 82 67-1
E-Mail: simone.heiss (at)

Guido Gruhn
CEO and IT

Tel.: +49 (221) 6 77 82 67-5
E-Mail: guido.gruhn (at)

Anne Heiss, MD

Managing Editor, General and Visceral Surgery
Board certified in General and Visceral Surgery 

E-Mail: anne.heiss (at)

Edith Leisten, MD
Managing Editor, Trauma & Orthopedic Surgery
Board certified in General Surgery 

Tel.: +49 (221) 6 77 82 67-7
E-Mail: edith.leisten (at)

Dietrich Herrmann, MD
Board certified in General, Visceral and Special Visceral Surgery
English webop support

E-Mail: herrmann(at)

Antonia Heiss
Marketing and Business Development

E-Mail: antonia.heiss (at)