Anatomy - Right hemicolectomy, laparoscopically assisted - general and visceral surgery

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  • Surgically relevant anatomy

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    • Hepatic flexure and right hemicolon
    • Ascending colon
    • Cecum with vermiform appendix
  • Transverse colon

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    • Synonym: Colon transversum
    • Location: Intraperitoneal; mobile fixation via its own mesentery - transverse mesocolon.
    • Identification: By the so-called
      taeniae = taeniae coli = condensations of longitudinal muscle fibers named according to their anatomical relations as
    • taenia libera (inferior)
    • taenia omentalis (greater omentum)
    • taenia mesocolica (transverse mesocolon)
    • omental appendices = fat-filled tunica serosa
    • Haustrae of colon = haustrae coli = visible sacculations in the wall of the colon wall by the arrangement of the circular muscle fibers (plicae semilunares; evident on endoscopy) which are discernible on the outer wall as crescentic folds.
  • Ascending colon

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    • Definition: Section of the large bowel from the ileocecal valve, where the small intestine (ileum) enters the colon, to the hepatic (right) flexure.
    • Synonym: Colon ascendens
    • Location: secondary] retroperitoneal - peritoneal fixation to the posterior abdominal wall by the so-called Toldt membrane
    • Identification: By the longitudinal bundles of muscle fibers- the taeniae, which keep their location-related terminology from the transverse colon; the diameter is markedly larger than that of the descending colon!
  • Cecum

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    • Definition: cul-de sacbeginning of the ascending colon corresponding with a bulge thereof; Latin: caecus = blind
    • Synonym: Blind gut
    • Location: Inferior to the ileocecal valve
    • Identification: By the taeniae and vermiform appendix

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