Hemicolectomy right, open

  1. Laparotomy


    Midline abdominal incision passing the umbilicus on the right.
    Transection of the subcutaneous tissue and fascia with monopolar diathermy.

  2. Bladder catheter / Setting up the surgical field

    Bladder catheter / Setting up the surgical field

    After transection of the peritoneum, insert a suprapubic catheter into the bladder.
    Set up the surgical field with the retractor system.

  3. Exploration


    Gain an overview of the size and extent of the tumor and any abdominal metastases.

  4. Mobilizing the ascending colon

    Mobilizing the ascending colon

    First incise the peritoneum lateral to the cecum and ascending colon, then free the ascending colon in the avascular layer from the retroperitoneum anterior to the right kidney.

  5. Mobilizing the mesenteric root

    Mobilizing the mesenteric root

    First, completely mobilize the ascending colon with the root of the mesentery up to the duodenum, then free the duodenum and mobilize the head of the pancreas.

Kocher maneuver

Free both the duodenum and pancreatic head extensively from the vena cava ... - Operations in gener

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