Rutkow plug repair in inguinal hernia - general and visceral surgery

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date of publication: 18.09.2009
  • Chirurgische Praxis

    Dr. med.  Karl Heinz  Moser

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  • Principle

    • 26-6

    In the Rutkow plug repair for inguinal hernia a cone-shaped shell (plug) is inserted into the local defect posterior to the transversalis fascia. A second flat mesh, the onlay patch (resembling the Lichtenstein prosthesis) is placed anterior to the plug.

  • Inguinal skin incision

    • 26-7

    Make the skin incision, measuring about 4 cm, in the line of the inguinal canal 2 fingers medial to it (solid line), or make a transverse incision 2 fingers superior to the pubic bone. Then divide the subcutaneous tissue down to the external oblique aponeurosis.

  • Division of the external oblique aponeurosis

    • 26-8

    Now longitudinally divide the fibers of the external oblique, including the superficial inguinal ring. After clamping the aponeurotic flaps and retracting them upward, free the aponeurosis from the internal oblique and cremaster by blunt dissection.

    Caution: The iliohypogastric nerve courses immediately below the aponeurosis!

  • Mobilization and taping of the spermatic cord

  • Preparation of the hernia sac

  • Hernia sac management

  • Plug insertion

  • Plug buttressing

  • Closure of the external oblique aponeurosis

  • End of procedure