Complications - Laparoscopic hernia repair, IPOM following lower laparotomy

  1. Intraoperative complications

    Intraoperative bleeding

    • Bleeding can be controlled under vision with hemostatic techniques, e.g., compression, coagulation (argon plasma beamer, monopolar coagulation) (Caution: Bowel injury!) or, in case of mild oozing, with fibrin sealant.

    Bowel injury

    • In case of accidental iatrogenic bowel injury during the procedure the lesion should be immediately closed by laparoscopic suture. If there is no clear view or the sutured closure of the intestinal lesion appears questionable, convert to open surgery and suture the lesion under direct vision or resect it with anastomosis. In small bowel injury with limited intra-abdominal contamination, the prosthetic may still be implanted following thorough lavage of the abdominal cavity. In case of colon lesions, however, the hernia repair should definitely be delayed.
Postoperative complications

Overlooked bowel lesionClinical symptoms: Patient does not recover from surgery, suffers from abdom

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