Complications - Cholecystectomy, open

  1. Intraoperative complications

    • Adhesion induced tear of the liver capsule (incl. the region of the round hepatic ligament)
    • Adapt the liver with sutures, stop bleeding with fibrin sealant or seal off with fibrin-coated collagen fleece.
    • Peripheral and central bile duct injuries
    • Drain. In case of injury to common hepatic duct re-anastomosis should be attempted. In this case, the suture line must be splinted for some time with a T-tube. If everything else fails, a biliodigestive anastomosis should be considered. Such a procedure requires extensive expertise! It is best then to transfer the patient to a center with such experience!
    • Injury to right branch of hepatic artery proper
    • Requires vascular surgery
    • Injury to adjacent hollow viscus
    • Simple closure by suture
Postoperative complications

Intraoperative calculus dislocation with CBD obstructionSee belowIcterusLab panel, then endoscopic

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