Catheter jejunostomy

  1. Abdominal paracentesis

    Abdominal paracentesis

    Puncture the right lateral abdominal wall with the peel-away cannula and insert the catheter into the abdominal cavity.

  2. Jejunal puncture

    Jejunal puncture

    Locate the second loop  of the jejunum. Here, first puncture the serosa with the second peel-away cannula, then advance the cannula external to the mucosa for a distance of 6-8 cm before puncturing the mucous membrane.

    Now insert the catheter into the lumen of the jejunum and remove the peel-away cannula.

  3. Intestinal catheter fixation

    Intestinal catheter fixation

    Advance the catheter about 25 cm into the intestinal lumen and the close the intestinal insertion site of the catheter with a purse string suture.

Witzel suture line

Cover the purse string suture with several interrupted seroserous sutures. ... - Operations in gene

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