Complications - Colostomy (sigmoidostomy), loop, laparoscopic construction

  1. Intraoperative complications

    Marked site not usable due to intraoperative anatomy

    • Relocation to a site that is more uncomfortable or difficult to reach for the patient 
    • Preoperative marking of a secondary site by an enterostomal therapist.

    Failure to find the previously marked stoma site

    • Mark with waterproof pen
    • Careful preoperative disinfection of the patient

    Injuries to other parts of the bowel

    • Locate and suture the bowel injury

    Vascular injuries

    • Avoid putting traction on the mesentery

    Injuries caused by trocar positioning

    • Insert trocars under view
    • Minilaparotomy

    Thermal injuries to the bowel or skin

    • Do not use monopolar diathermy

    Inability to construct the stoma because of adhesions(even with open technique)

Postoperative complications

General complicationsGeneral surgical risks (bleeding, secondary bleeding, thrombosis, embolism, HI

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